Pocketful of Sunshine Event Design | Columbia, SC Wedding Planner | The Client Experience

Who is the Pocketful of Sunshine client?

Pocketful of Sunshine Event Design | Full-Service Wedding Planning | Columbia, SC | The Client Experience

Pocketful of Sunshine clients are incredibly busy, detail-oriented couples. They want to dot every "i" and cross every "t" on even the smallest of details. They realize early in their engagement that they need in-depth planning & design assistance to bring their wedding dreams to life. 

Our clients definitely think out-of-the-box! Typical venues and sticking to old ideas "because that's just the way weddings are done" is NOT the motto of a Pocketful of Sunshine client. They want new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unique designs & color palettes to match their dream celebration. 

Tradition is important to a certain degree, but they will only incorporate the ones that mean something to them. The traditions that don't mean anything to their relationship or heritage are out, and they are unapologetic about not including them. 

The Pocketful of Sunshine client also believes in hiring  the right professional wedding vendors to take care of them and the guests that they love so much. They recognize that hiring those vendors may cost more money, but it is money well spent. It allows them to completely relax and enjoy their celebration and THAT is priceless to them. 

Most importantly, though, the Pocketful of Sunshine client believes wholeheartedly in providing their guests' with a phenomenal experience at their wedding. They want their guests to be happy, comfortable, and amazed at the personal touches they've put together. If their guests leave their celebration in a fabulous mood, THEY leave their celebration in a fabulous mood, too!

What's your favorite part of working with your clients? 

At Pocketful of Sunshine, we ADORE the variety that each of our clients bring to the table. We don't want to do the same weddings in the same spaces with the same colors and aesthetics week after week. Those elements are all lovely, but they've been done. Our clients want the unique and the unexpected - whether that's an untraditional timeline or a never-been-done before venue. We want to help you create YOUR wedding so it accurately reflects your personalities and your relationship.

Creative couples rock our world, so don't be scared to tell us your ideas. The highest praise we can be given is to hear how a wedding truly represented the couple, their relationship, and all the things that are dearest to them. We get misty-eyed thinking about it!

What's the basis of the Pocketful of Sunshine Client Experience?  

The basis of our Client Experience is two very simple principles: 

Handling the details - big or small!  Flawlessly executed details are what make a wedding successful. Our team is obsessed with handling every detail for you no matter how big or small. Our goal is to orchestrate the perfect client experience from the moment you inquire to the moment you make your grand reception exit. 

Having fun together! We are laid back and love to laugh (even at ourselves). Providing our clients with a relaxed, stress-free planning experience is a point of pride here at Pocketful of Sunshine Event Design. At the end of our time together, we're sure you'll agree that the experience of working with us was a lot of fun. 

What's the typical planning process from start to finish?

We start the planning process with a phone or Skype call to obtain some information about your event and to schedule a complimentary consultation to get to know each other better. At our complimentary consultation, we'll discuss your overall wedding vision and explain our planning services. That way we can make sure we're a good fit for each other. 

Once you've made your decision about the services you want, we'll send you a contract. When we receive the signed contract and retainer, that's when we get the ball rolling on your big day! 

The remainder of the client experience depends on the service level you've selected: 

Concierge Service & Full-Planning

Once your contract has been signed, we typically have 10 in-person planning sessions that cover all aspects of your event from start to finish. We’ll create a list of “must have” items that are vital to the day you've envisioned. Based on this list, we’ll set clear goals to insure that your wedding is a complete success from start to finish. We create your working budget and recommend vendors based on your style, budget, and personality. We'll develop a personalized vision board and also do a venue visit with your primary vendors to discuss the layout & timing of your celebration spaces. 

You'll also receive a custom wedding planning guide created specifically for YOU! The guide includes monthly checklists to keep your progress on track, our favorite places for wedding inspiration (we're looking at you, Pinterest!), realistic budget information, registry info, contemporary etiquette, and much, much more. 

About 6 weeks out, we'll create your master timeline and finalize any last minute details (like your RSVPs & seating charts).  Need more planning sessions? No worries! There are no limits and no extra charges for that with either of these services. Everything is broken down into manageable phases which helps eliminate "planning overload." We'll also incorporate strategically placed breaks so you can spend time focusing on each other and your relationship. 

On your event day, our entire team will be on hand to keep everything running smoothly. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your celebration with the love of your life!

Wedding Management

Wedding Management is for couples that want to plan their wedding themselves but need some additional guidance at the very beginning and very end of the process to make sure their celebration is a success.

We start with a 90-minute in-person session where you can ask questions related to wedding planning, vendors you might want to contact, budgeting, and more. 

Once a month we'll deliver a "focus" list via email. This list will help you stay on track so there are no surprises on your big day. We'll have another 90-minute in-person meeting at your venue about 6 weeks prior to the wedding so we can plan your celebration space layout.

We'll also take over your vendor communication and create your master timeline about 6 weeks out. If you need more "in-person" time besides the 2 sessions included in your package, we can schedule a paid consultation session so we can help you with whatever task is concerning you. 

On your event day, our team will be on hand to keep everything running smoothly. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your celebration with the love of your life!

Can you help us come up with color palettes, design styles, themes, and attire? 

This is one of our absolute favorite parts of the full planning process! We'll work together from the beginning to make sure your wedding vision is matched with the best vendors.

Once we've discussed all of those individual elements at our design meeting, we'll develop a personalized vision board. It will provide details on colors, textures, floral choices, lighting, draping, tablescapes, and the overall aesthetics of your celebration spaces. 

Once you approve your choices, we'll move forward sourcing the creative team and securing their services for your celebration.

Do you offer event design or floral design services without logistical planning? 

Of course! We love to provide the full extent of our services, but if a potential client would prefer for us to focus on floral design or event design services, that's fantastic too. Working with other vendors to bring your vision to life is what's important, NOT whether we're in charge of the whole shebang. 

Do you plan other wedding-related events like rehearsal dinners, wedding party luncheons, & group activities? 

We can plan any activity you'd like. We've successfully pulled off a full weekend's worth of events from arrival-day group activities to the post-wedding brunch. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Our fees for planning wedding related activities depends on the overall scope and whether you prefer for us to plan (onsite + prep + design) the event or just help you brainstorm ideas. We want for you to be able to completely relax during your wedding celebration, so we're ready, willing, and able to help you plan. All of this is discussed in our "get to know you" meeting.