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Pocketful of Sunshine Event Design | Full-Service Wedding Planning | Columbia, SC |

Wedding Planning Is A Journey

You’re a busy couple. We get it.

You have this vision in your head of how you’ve always wanted your wedding to be and now it’s time to make it happen.

But between work, your relationship, your family, and some semblance of a social life, you’re finding it hard to spare a few minutes to breathe, much less spare an extra 300 hours (the average time spent planning a wedding).

Planning is making you feel rushed & overwhelmed – it’s turning your walk down the aisle into a destination rather than allowing you to enjoy the journey and the experience of planning your big day.

We're Jessica and Amber, experience-makers and wedding planners extraordinaire specializing in stress-free wedding planning in Columbia, SC, and the Southeast. 

Pocketful of Sunshine Event Design | Full-Service Wedding Planning | Columbia, SC |

Create Your Wedding Experience

Each couple is different. Each love story is unique. Your wedding is part of your love story and should be a reflection of your hopes, dreams, personalities, and your love.

Remember the feeling you got when you went on your first date with your now-fiancé? 

Do you remember the tingles you got when your hands brushed for the first time or the butterflies of your first kiss?

Yeah, we thought so.

We’ll help weave that feeling of anticipation into your whole day – from the moment you float down the aisle towards the love of your life all the way through the grand finale. We know exactly how you feel and can craft the exact wedding experience you want. 

Add Experience And Creativity, Relieve The Stress

While this may be your first wedding, it’s definitely not our first time planning one. We’ve helped countless couples turn their plan on paper into the vision they’ve always had (since they were a little girl wearing a pillowcase for a veil as they played wedding) of how their wedding would unfold.

Heck, we’ve sent dozens of couples down the aisle and remember each one fondly because their story and their wedding was one-of-a-kind.

We know what it takes. We know what to do. We know how to come up with creative ways to do it. Best of all, we take on the stress of planning the wedding – and you can simply sit back and enjoy the experience of planning your big day.

Our Obsession Is Your Benefit

You’re obsessed with your wedding so you pour over Pinterest boards and wedding magazines searching for inspiration. 

We're obsessed with weddings, too! We pour over Pinterest boards, scour wedding magazines, read countless wedding blogs, and follow all of the wedding industry greats – we can’t get enough of all things wedding related!

You have a notebook (a.k.a. your wedding bible) full of ideas, notes, scraps of fabric, and so much more. Our files and notebooks are overflowing with ideas we love – and you’re going to love them too because it’s just what you have in mind. 

  • Need décor ideas? We’ve got them.
  • Worried about which veil matches your dress? We can help you choose the right one.
  • Want help allocating your budget? As a wedding planner in Columbia, SC, we’re here to help you prioritize your spending and match your vision with your budget – and provide you with the creative team that can make it happen.

You want your wedding to be an experience. We create the best kind of wedding experiences (even better than you can imagine).
Let’s plan this.